1981  Wycombe Sharing of Faiths started

1987  WSOF joined the new Inter Faith Network for the UK

WSOF subscribes to the Network’s way of working- which is firmly based on the principle that dialogue and cooperation can only prosper if they are rooted in respectful relationships that do not blur or undermine the distinctiveness of different religious traditions.

We find the Network’s guidelines on Building Good Relations with People of Different Faiths and Beliefs both practical and clear; we commend them to you for practical guidance in everyday situations.

2006     Launch of Christian Muslim Forum:

WSOF is in sympathy with the ethos contained in their objectives.

July 2006      First Faiths Fair: The Art of Giving

September 2006      Jubilee Road Mosque’s first open day: Open hearts, open minds, open doors

April 2007      First Dine at Mine evenings

May 2007      Launch of Faces of Faith booklet

July 2007      Second Faiths Fair: Having faith in Wycombe

September 2007      WSOF is presented with the Building Community Bridges Award at the Community Showcase Awards, sponsored by the voluntary and community sector and Wycombe Partnership

October 2007      Publication of A Common Word between Us and You by 138 Muslim scholars from around the world.

November 2007      Launch of Council for Christian Muslim Relations (CCMR) in High Wycombe

July 2008      Third Faiths Fair: Stone Soup

January 2009      Vigil for Gaza –for all people caught up and suffering in the conflict. This mostly-silent vigil was held in Frogmoor in sub-zero temperatures

2009      Christian Muslim Forum launches its Ethical Guidelines for Christian and Muslim Witness 

May 2009      Launch of Images of Faith in Wycombe booklet and DVD

July 2009      Fourth Faiths Fair: Health and Healing

October 2009      Presentation of Images of Faith project material to Schools Liaison Groups

November 2009      WSOF and Wycombe Mosque Trust organise Fear, Faith and Friendship conference on behalf of the Oxford Diocesan Committee for Inter Faith Concerns

November 2010      First Human Library

November 2010      High Wycombe Church of England Deanery issue an open invitation to hear Imam Khalid Hussain and Canon Guy Wilkinson (the Archbishop’s advisor on inter-faith matters) in conversation about A Common Word

2011     CCMR initiate school visits with the platform shared by an Imam and a Christian Minister

April 2011      WSOF host an open conversation between Imam Khalid Hussain and Revd David Picken

May 2011      High Wycombe Church of England Deanery hosts a multi-faith breakfast event at Bucks New University for Archbishop Rowan Williams

September 2011      WSOF interviewed by Tamoor Zafar on Awaaz Radio

November 2011      First ‘Pilgrimage’ in Wycombe

March 2012      Mustafa Gouverneur, film director, presents his film The Blessed Tree for WSOF

March 2012      CCMR conference: Who am I? Questions for Christians and Muslims: Being Muslim and British; Being Christian in multi-cultural Britain 

July 2012      WSOF interviewed by Nabil Ahmed on Radio Ramadan

February 2013     New series of Christian Muslim dialogue evenings under the title Aman-o-Iman, Peace and Faith

January 2013      Chaplaincy support at Bucks New University becomes multi faith

2013      Initial conversations to explore Jewish Christian Muslim dialogue and co-operation in Wycombe


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